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Welcome to Equestria Part 1
Kore Tech Story
*Kore wakes up in what seem to be a dark alley*
Kore: (groan) Aw man what was that whe…where am I?
*Kore couldn’t see a thing and didn’t feel right in his legs so he crawled to the light at the end of the alleyway*
Kore: Wha..what!(surprised)
*Kore looked around and saw colorful ponies walking down the street*
Kore: (gasp)
*Kore caught his reflection in a window and saw a grey unicorn with green eyes and his hair it looked like the OC Cameo made for him minus the polo shirt*
Kore: Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
*Once Kore caught his breath he started feeling his face trying to prove its some kinda illusion or dream he felt stumped onece he realized hands were hooves*
Kore: This..this can't be real oh please ..pleeeaase say this ain't real.(pleading)
*Kore tried to walk on his hind legs but to no avail immediately going on all fours*
Kore: Okay remain calm compose yourself.(sigh) Just need to get my head on straight then look for Cameo.(calm) And
:iconcameofiasco:CameoFiasco 2 3
Welcome to Equestria Intro
{In the home of Cameo Fiasco in the human world Cameo and his friend he calls Kore Tech are at a desktop and tablet}
Kore: *groan* Tell me again why we are doing this?
*Kore said as he was swiping and tapping stuff on his tablet*
Cameo because I need to find something to make a video out of and heard from a few chats that this was the site to go to.
*Cameo acted matter a factly*
Kore: Okay but why do I have to look with you ?
*Cameo looked at him and simply smiled*
Cameo:  You said you had nothing to do today.
*Kore rubbed his forehead out of frustration*
Kore: *groan* Fine what's this site called anyway?
Cameo: ….For the real Equestrian experience
*Cameo typed on his desktop while Kore did the same on his tablet*
Kore: Huh that's weird never seen a website with a sign up page like this?
*They were brought to a sign up page where it asked for their OC names and OC image
Cameo: C'mon Tech its just another brony fansite what could happen?
*Kore looked at him as if he said his
:iconcameofiasco:CameoFiasco 2 3
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Been away cause of sucky Wi-Fi so want to give an update I've been on the Equestria,Fallout Equestria, Doctor Whooves amino and still trying to post stuff  gonna try and get  back to here asi well going to post my first story so show your support


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United States
A guy who love the creations that come from MLP fandom and a major otaku


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